Bobby Brink Talks Commitment to Denver, Making Impact Early at Minnetonka


Making an impact early in an athletes high school career is always going to be a challenge, but Bobby Brink has taken the opportunity in stride. 

As a sophomore, the Denver commit has scored 4 goals and added 19 assists thus far for the Skippers through 16 games. While Brink is a key cog in the offensive attack for Minnetonka, he doesn’t see it as a lot of pressure to contribute early in his career.

“I wouldn’t call it pressure I don’t think,” Brink told BTS Sports on Monday. “For us to play well, I need to contribute offensively, as well as being good in the D Zone as a two way player. I need to do all I can to help the team win.”

While Brink has been very focused on helping his team win this year, committing early was something he says he felt very confident in.

“When I went on a visit down there, the coaches were awesome,” Brink said. “The culture was great too. Those are the biggest reasons I felt confident in committing there so young. The way that program is moving and how well they’ve been playing there lately, is really impressive.”

For Brink, having eyes on the program was important, but so was the ability of the coaching staff to be able to develop players.

“They have a lot of great players there, so they’re always going to have eyes on the program for sure,” Brink said. “With Henrik Borgstrom being a first round pick for Florida, and Troy Terry playing so well in the World Juniors, they have an unbelievable coaching staff which helps to develop those NHL guys moving forward.”

At 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, Brink brings the skill to the game that few his age can bring, but he does say that he watches similar players that possess an extraordinary amount of skill.

“I love watching Johnny Gaudreau,” Brink said. “He’s unbelievable, such good hands. Patrick Kane is the same way, he makes great passes and has a high hockey IQ. I try to model my game after those guys and try to play a similar way.”

As for looking to improve his ability on the ice, Brink says he worked on a few very specific areas in his game heading into this season.

“Last offseason I worked hard on my skating,” Brink said. “I think it’s improved a lot, and it’s helped me a lot last year. I just have to continue to improve my skating and shooting and getting into the weight room to get better.”

Representing your country is the greatest honor an athlete can be granted, and Brink says that earning a spot on the World Juniors roster in the future is a definite goal of his.

“That would be awesome to get a chance to represent my country at the world juniors,” Brink said. “It would be an awesome accomplishment to represent them, and that’s a goal of mine as I get older. It gives you more motivation every day to work your hardest.”

Brink certainly has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time at Minnetonka, but the journey is just starting.

Photo: Youth Hockey Hut

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